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Welcome to my world, thanks for stopping by!
I am an Orange County based Illustrator and Designer. I graduated from California State University of Fullerton with a BFA in Illustration and an emphasis in Graphic Design. When I am not buried in my illustration work, I co-partner in running a letterpress greeting card business (joyaddict.co for those who care)! You can usually find me messing around with my 35mm camera, weaving at my loom, or cooking. I am an avid backpacker and have nearly stomped around every part of my home state in California. I am a lover of great storytelling, and I am constantly looking to grow and expand my skills. Within my personal work, I draw my inspiration from people I know, things I see, and philosophies I wish to share.  
HGTV Magazine, April 2020 Issue
AIGA Flux Award, 2014
Tusk Magazine, 2014
i2 Illustrator Art Exhibit, 2014
Sustainability Symposium Exhibit, 2014
i3 Illustrator Art Exhibit, 2015
Phillip K. Dick Juried Show, 2016
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